About Us

catalyst (noun) cat·‚Äča·‚Äčlyst: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action. You. 

The Catalyst Community connects global education leaders to engage with like-minded peers committed to envisioning, shaping, and creating the future.  

The education world is tough and we know that leaders are often alone in their mission. We are here to join together agents of change just like you to take action together and drive meaningful transformation in education. 

Working together to achieve our mission are partner organizations committed to outcomes, innovation, and transformation in education, including LearnIt, the Harvard Initiative for Teaching and Learning, uLead, the Conrad Foundation, and SMART Technologies. 


Our mission is to connect change agents and leaders to transform the future of education.


Connection, Collaboration, Support, Action 

How It Works

Submit your ideas and get rewarded You can share your best ideas with the community by participating in activities and challenges, sharing photos and completing surveys. During a challenge, the community often votes on the best ideas, and the winners - and their supporters - will earn badges and points.

Collaborate on great ideas Have something to say about someone's great idea? Think it could be better? Leave them a comment to tell them what you think, and to share your feedback with the author.

Have your say about the future of education Participate in the community discussions and complete the quick questions and surveys to tell us more about your approach to education, and to share your ideas or feedback.