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What Is It?

Catalyst is a global community of education leaders and change agents who collaborate to crowdsource solutions to (often shared) challenges. 

How It Works

By working together we can harness the collective power of our community to make marginal gains, solve persistent issues and transform learning for the better. We do this through dialogue, collaboration and the following tools: 

  • The Challenges are our crowdsourcing feature: you submit your ideas to real-world challenges, we seed them back into the community so that everyone can benefit, and together we move forward. 
  • Our Community Forum is a place where our members ask direct questions to the community at large.
  • The Activities are quickfire polls and quizzes that generate instant feedback.
  • Additionally, our Blog is packed with pertinent content and real-world stories to inspire you to transform your own learning environments. 


Get Started

Once you've created an account, join the conversation.

Head to the Community Forum to participate in ongoing discussions, or start your own.  And look for the active Challenges to submit your suggestions, ideas and advice. 

Be part of the transformation. 

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